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Managers and business-owners looking for a cost-efficient way to improve morale and reduce the cost of work-related stress are turning to on-site seated massage:


Pay only for employees who use the service
Offset costs through employee payments or contributions
Avoid equipment and facility fees


Minimal space requirements
Zero productivity loss: massages take place during break time
No need to shower or change clothes


Boost energy, productivity levels
Reduce pain and muscle tension

Release tension


Good for Business
Work-related stress costs U.S. businesses more than $200 billion a year in reduced productivity, accident and insurance expenses, and turnover.

On-site seated massage is an effective way to combat the costs of stress, and boost morale with a popular benefit. The results are cumulative: regular programs compound health benefits for employees and the organizations they support.

How does it work?
A trained massage therapist arrives at your location with a portable massage chair – a comfortable, supportive device that can be set up and dismantled quickly, in almost any location. Each 5-30 minute session covers the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Treatment can be adapted to special needs. Employees return to work feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

How much coordination is required?
Simply assign a single contact person to coordinate with the massage therapist, publicize the program and sign people up. Minimal space is required – a conference room, or even a quiet corner will do – and the effects are immediate.

Get Started Today. Call for a demonstration of on-site seated massage. Your business never felt better.