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Does your ‘Life Strategy’ include the emotional support that you need?

Meditation Instruction
Guided by an experienced coach, meditation students of all levels create flexible, self-paced programs that fit with their goals and lifestyles.

Beginning Students
Explore meditation as a means of moderating stress and enhancing serenity; gain technical tools to continue lifelong practices.

Advanced Students
Inspire your self again; design an effective meditation practice based on your needs and personality.

Life Coaching
Each of us – no matter how ‘together’ we appear – encounters challenges that we need help sorting out.

Sometimes, the problems are severe and require the assistance of a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist … and sometimes we just need someone to help us sort out our difficulties.

Relationships, careers, life-purpose. For the challenges you face, Life Coaching brings an experienced, trained professional – someone who can help you deal with issues in an objective and confidential manner – to your side.

Life Coaching is not therapy or a substitute for psychotherapy, but it can help you:

Assess personal challenges with clarity
Develop effective coping strategies

Call today to set an appointment with your personal support network: we’re here when you need us.